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    ​I am about to let you in on a few tips about saving your money without compromising on final makeup look. How? By telling you which products you can afford to buy as a cheapie and which you should invest a little more in.

    Save Your Money

    ​Instagram and Youtube are full of influencers recommending products, unfortunately a lot of the products they recommend can be really expensive. I’m here to tell you what products you should invest a little extra in and what cheaper products you can buy that will be just as good.

    My Kit is full of luxurious brands, I don’t say this to brag, normally there is no way I can afford to buy a $70 foundation, let alone 15 of them in various colours! It’s only because I worked for so many wonderful brands like MAC, CHANEL, YSL, Mecca Cosmetica etc that I have such high-end products, (it has been a collection in the making). I remember once when I was flying from a shoot in Dubai back to Australia I had to buy another ticket just for my makeup kit to travel, as I was over the baggage weight limit. My kit weighed about 50Kgs. I remember the check-in guys face when asked me if I was sure I wanted to travel with my Kit, he suggested that perhaps I wanted to leave some of it behind? My reply was “How much for another ticket?”

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    Everyday Makeup!
    In my opinion there are some ridiculously expensive products out there, lashes for $50 (Shu Umera) or face powders for $100 plus! For the everyday woman, it can get really pricey. Foundations, concealers, bold eyeshadow colours, and moisturisers are the only products that you should purchase at a higher price, invest in these because getting the cheaper alternatives just won’t cut it.

    Foundations and concealer are one of the most important on the list, if these don’t sit right or give you the coverage you want then the rest of the makeup won’t look so good either. Foundation and concealer are your canvas, so it’s important it is perfect! When you decide to purchase foundations and concealers it is important that you try these on before you purchase them. Ask the lady at the counter to try it on your entire face. Testing a little on your jaw line just wont give you the full effect. Foundations, and concealers oxidise on your skin, and the level of oxidation depends on the PH level your skin. Basically meaning that the colour of your foundation and concealer will change over the first 30 mins or so. I always recommend my clients to not only try it on but also walk around and have a look in different lighting and mirrors, as in-store lighting can be deceiving. Observe how it sits on your skin after an hour or so. Does is disappear into your skin? Does it seep into your fine lines? Has the colour changed?

    My picks for foundations vary depending on your skin’s needs and concerns. CLICK HERE for my blog on which foundation is right for you.

    NARS Foundation

    NARS Foundation
    Makeup For Ever HD Foundation

    Makeup For Ever HD Foundation
    ID Bare Minerals Foundation

    ID Bare Minerals Foundation
    MAC Face and Body Foundation

    MAC Face and Body Foundation
    ​Eyeshadow are the next product that you should invest a little more in. More specifically I am referring to the highly pigmented, bold colour eyeshadows, the colours you want to set off as a contrast. I always get asked why my eyeshadows stand out so much compared to when my clients attempt to do it themselves at home. It generally boils down to 1 of 3 things that the client is missing:

    1. A proper base/primer that creates a layer between the eyelid and the eye shadow.
    2. Quality pigmented eye shadows.
    3. Layering the colour by using a more pressed technique rather than over blending it.

    There are so many good ones out there but I generally stick to what I know best for my clients and for myself: You can get away with the more natural eyeshadow colours at a cheaper price, but strong colours like black, auburn, deep browns, whites, and brighter colours should always be top quality. If these strong colours are poor quality then they will be hard to blend evenly and look patchy.

    MAC, Urban Decay, Makeup Geek, Stilla, Too Faced, Gorgeous Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kryolan, Morphe and others.

    Gorgeous Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette

    Gorgeous Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette
    Morphe Eye Shadow Palette

    Morphe Eye Shadow Palette
    Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Palette

    Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Palette
    Urban Decay Eye Shadow Palette

    Urban Decay Eye Shadow Palette

    The Cheapies!

    Ok, so we know what we should invest a little more in so here is what I promised, here is how I will save you money on the rest.

    There are less expensive brands that have products that work just as well as the luxury brands. You can find these at your local pharmacies and supermarkets.


    Maxfactor 2000 Cal $15
    Maybeline Great Last (the green and pink one- classic!) $12
    Maybelline NY Volume ‘Express Pumped Up!’ $14

    What you are looking for is a mascara that doesn’t clump and doesn’t flake over time. Sometimes it is a matter of trial and error. I have used the ones mentioned here and personally I think they do a great job on my day-to-day makeup!

    Anything that has a good deal of moisture and is highly pigmented. The thing about lipstick is that it is bound to wear off during the day, no matter how good the quality is, it will always need touching up. Also, depending on your skin, your age, if you smoke and what you do during the day, lipstick can bleed a little. In most cases the bleeding is not determined by the lipstick quality, it is determined by the following:

    1. Your Application > Line your lips with a pencil first. If you have a lip balm on first then I suggest you remove it and apply it on a dry surface.

    2. The Type Of Lipstick > The more glossy or dewy the lipstick is the less likely it will last all day, its just a known fact no matter what brand you use. Stick to Matt or Satin finish for longer lasting results.

    I can recommend the following :
    Innoxa $15
    David Jones Beauty (Own Brand) $14
    Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipcolor $15
    Max Factor Elixir $9
    Revlon Super Lustrous $10

    If you are going for a cheapie, try and stick to matt blushes, as these are more pigmented than illumisnous or creamy ones and will generally last longer.

    Try some of these brands:
    Milani Baked Blush $9
    Cover Girl Cheekers Blush $5
    NYC Cheek Glow Powder Blush $5
    Nyx Blush $7
    Australia Show Some Cheek $7

    Nikki Tutorials and others alike have been known to use Nivea’s Men Aftershave Balm as a primer, I can see how this would work, as a great primer acts as a thin layer between the skin and the foundation preventing your skin from absorbing your foundation. Ensure that whichever cheapie you buy that its oil free. Generally speaking I prefer silicone based primers as the molecules in silicone products are too big to be absorbed by your skin.

    Some suggestions are:
    E.L.F Primer Mineral Infused Face Primer $13
    Rimmel Lasting Finishing Primer $8
    LA Girl PRO Smoothing Face Primer $12

    If you are opting for the soft crayon type brow pencil, then most brands are a good option. However if you are prone to sweating or have oily skin then I recommend sticking to a powder instead. Many times I have used a matt brown eyeshadow that matches my brows on myself. Its a good way to get the most our of any old brown eyeshadows. However be cautious of the colour you select, unless you are a natural red head, generally stick to cooler based browns like a taupe brown. Select a colour that is a couple shades lighter than your natural brows.

    I hope this post has helped you on your way to a more affordable personal makeup range. Let me know what cheapie products you use below. What hidden gem have you discovered that works great at a fraction of the price?

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