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    If you have an interest in makeup and beauty products then you would have walked into a department store or two and have probably been bombarded with sales girls trying to sell you their latest product with all these amazing new features. For instance new products that house revolutionary foundation technologies, light reflecting pigments for glowing skin, products that make you look 10 years younger, perhaps a foundation that mimics airbrushing so that you look like those ‘perfect’ models everyday. Foundations that last up to 24hrs, or if that wasn’t enough products packed with vitamins and made organically as well as locally. There is a sea of makeup products out there, wouldn’t it be nice to have a professional recommend you same great products for your skin type? Someone who isn’t trying to sell you anything just to make a sale… well you came to the right place.
    For your convenience I have arrange this blog into basic skin categories and subcategorised it into your needs i.e skin type followed by full coverage or medium to sheer coverage. If there is something I have missed and you would like to know more about please feel free to comment below and I will endeavour to answer your comment to the best of my knowledge. I would like to also point out that the foundations I am about to list are products that I am in no way affiliated with but I have tried myself and on my clients, and through my personal experience with these product I recommend them to you.

    Normal Skin

    ​The word Normal skin is usually the biggest misrepresentation of an adult skin type. To be categorically correct “Normal Skin” only exists in babies, as a babies facial skin is the only skin that generally doesn’t suffer from any dryness, oiliness, congestion, wrinkles etc. Most people who class themselves as “Normal Skin” do so as they don’t have any significantly noticeable concerns, however they will all have some sort of congestion, oiliness, dryness and or wrinkles.
    None the less if you classify yourself as someone with no major skin concerns then I would recommend the following:

    “Normal Skin” & Full Coverage Foundation

    MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation:
    ​What a name! Along with this extra-long name you can expect some extra coverage, long wearing and water resistance features. I wouldn’t recommend it for every day use, but if you are someone who loves a full coverage on a night out then this is definitely an option. It is buildable although you will find that 1 layer is enough.

    MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation, mac foundation, agmakeup, melbourne makeup artist

    MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation

    ​Makeup Forever HD Stick
    Amazingness in the convenience of a stick. This product was sculpted especially for special events where you know you will constantly be at the lens of a camera. Its formula moulds to your skin creating a second skin look. It’s creamy and thick enough to provide you with an instant full coverage and not look cakey… this is one of my absolute favs by far!
    make up for ever hd stick, makeup forever hd stick, melbourne makeup artist, ag makeup melbourne

    Make Up For Ever HD Stick
    “Normal Skin” & Sheer to Medium Foundation

    Studio Face & Body Foundation:
    This product is more on the sheer side. It is perfection made in a squeezable bottle. It is a buildable and water resistant foundation. As the name states you can definitely use it in most areas of your body too. Comfortable and light weight with a glow, my choice in the natural finish range.
    MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation, mac foundation, melbourne makeup artist

    MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation
    ​Chanel VITALUMIÈRE:
    Moisturising but not oily. Chanel’s Vitalumiere gives your skin a beautiful glow without appearing shinny. The shade selection is phenomenal. This lightweight foundation gives you flawless skin that is a perfect match for photos, and lasts all day.
    Chanel VITALUMIÈRE foundation, chanel foundation, melbourne makeup artist, makeup artist melbourne, foundation

    ​Oily Skin

    You have just washed your face and performed your skincare ritual, a couple hours later your skin starts to shine and not in a good way. If this sounds like you then you have been blessed with oily skin. Yes I said blessed! In my opinion oily skin is a blessing in disguise, unlike dry, dehydrated and prematurely aged skin, to have oily skin means you are less likely to experience the signs of fine lines and wrinkles! Just think of all those beauty companies out there who have invested billions on antiaging creams and potions, think of how many people around the world have invested thousands in facelifts to make those wrinkle disappear. Your oily skin is natures mechanism to protect against the signs of aging skin, and its FREE. Oil keeps your skin soft and smooth, think of it as a scrunched up paper, when you smooth it out again it will still be wrinkly, but if you add oil to it then the wrinkles will be less visible when you smooth it out. Yes the down side is the constant shine, but there are ways to battle excess shine, simple tricks to adopt, click here for my low down on how to battle oily skin shine.

    “Oily Skin” & Full Coverage Foundation

    MAC Studio Fix Fluid: 
    This popular foundation gets a lot of flak in the beauty world, but it is one of the best sellers at any MAC store hands down, so it must be doing something right. Personally I love it, it’s a great go to full coverage foundation. It can be argued that it is more a medium coverage than full, but it is buildable none the less. With a matt finish this product gives you all the coverage you need, while controlling excess oil.

    mac studio fix fluid foundation, mac foundation, melbourne makeup artist, makeup artist melbourne, agmakeup melbourne

    MAC Studio Fix Fluid

    ​“Oily Skin” & Sheer to Medium Foundation 

    Nude by Nature:
    As it comes in a powder foundation you will find that it will sit well on oily skin. However if used as a heavy coverage foundation it may give you that cakey look, which is why I recommend it as a sheer to medium coverage. This product is versatile and better for your skin than most foundations. Try to group it together with your favourite silicone based primer for best results.

    Nude By Nature Mineral Foundation, melbourne makeup artist, makeup artist melbourne

    Nude By Nature Mineral Foundation

    ​Acne Skin

    My definition of acne skin would be anyone suffering from a considerable amount of breakouts and congestion, and I’m not just talking about a few pimples here and there. Acne skin is a real distress for people who have it and a constant daily battle. With most acne sufferers weapons of choice include medication, such as the pill and/or topical Retin A creams. In an ideal world I would advise against the use of any foundation on Acne skin to avoid further congestion and bacterial spread. However realistically people with Acne skin would probably be the first to put their hands up for a full coverage foundation, and as such the cycle between healing an acne skin and further aggravating it with traditional full coverage foundations is never ending.

    ​“Acne Skin” & All Coverage from Sheer to Full

    ID Bare Minerals:
    I am sure there are a few great mineral brands out there, but I am quite biased in this situation and recommend my favourite mineral foundation brand that I use every day, ID Bare Minerals. As this product mainly contains minerals it is healthier for the skin. It also doesn’t contain liquids so therefore you cannot harvest any bacteria from continuous usage. It is buildable for both sheer, medium to full coverage and with a smaller brush can be used to act as a concealer. Great for every day. If you use or take medication to dry out and thin your skin such as Retin A, then be sure to have a non irritating hydrating moisturiser underneath this product. Above all else I would recommend you use visit a Dermatologist who could recommend you a great moisturiser and skin care routine.

    On a side note, in the past I have recommended MD Formulations lotion to my clients who suffered with dry acne skin and wanted to use a hydrating moisturiser underneath this foundation, and it seems to agree, as long as you combine the two. Click here to take a look at this product.

    I.D Bare Minerals Foundation, melbourne makeup artist, makeup artist melbourne, alondra gatae makeup

    I.D Bare Minerals Foundation

    ​Older Skin

    I would officially like to rename this skin category as “Experienced Skin”. Older skin sounds so.. well, old. To qualify for experienced skin you need to have lived a full life and as such proof of everything you have achieved in your life, all your life’s events and experience will be placed beautifully onto your skin, like a map. In my opinion there is no greater and more beautiful skin than Experienced Skin.

    “Experienced Skin” & Full Coverage Foundations

    Perfection Lumiere
     I would definitely steer clear of full coverage, as the heavier the coverage the older, more dull your skin looks. However in the event that you want to go that extra mile for a special occasion, I would recommend Perfection Lumiere by Chanel. Most full coverage foundations are a matt finish which can make this skin category look dull and lifeless, however Perfection Lumiere is not overly matt as it is based on light reflecting pigments, giving a nice glow to the skin. It will give your experienced skin that coverage you are after without weighing it down.

    chanel makeup, perfection lumiere makeup, perfection lumiere, foundation, melbourne makeup artist

    Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation

    ​Experienced Skin” & Sheer to Medium coverage foundation

    ​LA MER The treatment Crème Foundation:
    ​A bit pricey however well worth it; LA MER The treatment Crème Foundation Contains the same ingredients as the legendary face crème as well as SPF15 and has the ability to airbrush large pores and any discolorations or pigmentations.

    PLA MER The treatment Crème Foundation, older skin makeup

    LA MER The treatment Crème Foundation

    ​Sensitive skin

    Most sensitive skin is usually skin that has been sensitised by a product, ingredient or something that was consumed by the person. True naturally sensitive skin is actually not a very common skin type, yet if you ask most people what skin type they have most will say sensitive skin. Most makeup these days will fall under the Hypoallergenic range, but what does that mean exactly?

    Hypoallergenic – this term was introduced in the 1950’s and literally means “below allergenic.” In other words the product is less likely to cause an allergic, or sensitive reaction due to the product’s ingredients.

    “Sensitive Skin” & Full Coverage Foundation

    LORAC’s Natural Performance Foundation
    An oil, paraben, and fragrance-free foundation that is soothing and good for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. It provides medium to full coverage, and its soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Olive leaf extract and Oleanolic Acid make it a great choice. It should also be noted that this foundation would be more of a medium coverage rather than full, as generally speaking most full coverage foundations do not cater for sensitive skin. These days though it is a matter of trying out different products, as most foundations are hypoallergenic and as such tend not to irritate the skin anyway.

    PiLORAC's Natural Performance Foundation, foundation for sensitive skin, sensitive skin foundation

    LORAC’s Natural Performance Foundation

    ​“Sensitive Skin” & Medium to Sheer Foundation

    Garnier BB Cream Sensitive:
    Its not a foundation however it does give you some coverage and is dirt cheap! Designed for sensitive skin, Garnier BB Cream Sensitive is the daily all-in-one solution that reduces redness, soothes, hydrates, corrects blemishes, evens skin tone, illuminates complexion, and provides UV protection. Slightly buildable, this product works well when trying to even out skin pigment.

    Garnier BB Cream Sensitive, sensitive skin foundation, foundation for sensitive skin, bb cream

    Garnier BB Cream Sensitive

    ​Combination Skin

    Combination skin is dealing with 2 or more skin conditions in various parts of the face. So which one do you cater for? In my personal opinion if someone with combination skin is experiencing more oily areas than dry areas then I would focus on foundations for oily skin. If they experienced more dry areas than oily, I would recommend a foundation for “Normal” to dry skin. For my picks refer to the recommendations under the catagories mentioned above, alternatively try out these picks below:

    “Combination Skin” & Medium to Full Coverage

    NARS Radiant Cream Compact Foundation:
    If you’re constantly on the go, this worry-free product will make your life much easier. With a built-in sponge and mirror, you’ll be able to apply and touch up anywhere. It contains hyaluronic acid, a highly hydrating ingredient, therefore helping with dry areas without adding oil.

    NARS Radiant Cream Compact Foundation, foundation for combination skin, melbourne makeup artist, makeup artist melbourne, compact foundation, nars foundation

    NARS Radiant Cream Compact Foundation
    ​“Combination Skin” & Sheer Coverage

    Eve Lom Radiance Perfected Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15

    ​If you’re on the drier side, aim for a product that protects the skin by supplying it with hydration where needed and  corrects the skin by helping with uneven skin tone. Slightly buildable, this product will work wonders for combination skin people seeking a more natural approach

    Eve Lom Radiance Perfected Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15, radiance foundation

    Eve Lom Radiance Perfected Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15
    So many wonderful foundations but which is my favourite foundation that I personally choose to wear everyday? Click Here to find out my choice.

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