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    The number one question I get asked almost everyday by almost client I have the pleasure of sitting in my makeup chair is ‘What foundation do you use?’ My answer is always….. 

    It depends on what occassion I am applying makeup for.

    Sorry for the suspense killer but it’s the honest truth. There is not one absolute foundation that is suited for every occasion let alone for everyone, if this were so then my makeup collection would halve and so would most makeup businesses.

    However there is one foundation in particular that I use everyday on the job, and I use this as a full coverage foundation to ensure my face is still on by the time I come home at night. I am about to let you in on one of my secrets, I will share with you what foundation I personally choose above all others to use on my skinn everyday that doesn’t make my skin break out become congested with black heads.

    At this stage I would like to point out that I am not affiliated with the following product I am about to recommend.  I did work for some once before as their makeup artist but that was over 10 years ago, and yes I still rave on about it!  My clients see me with a full coverage foundation base that lasts all day and they are really surprised to know that the foundation I use is a mineral foundation.

    WARNING! Be cautious when choosing what you believe to be a mineral foundation. Here’s why:

    You see true mineral foundations, meaning no preservatives, no fillers and no binders, will only come in the form of a loose powder. A true mineral foundation will never come in a form of a liquid or a compact, because for a foundation to be made in a compact or liquid form would require preservatives, fillers, binders and more, essentially once these are added it doesn’t making it a pure mineral product anymore.

    There is a BIG difference between foundations that are an actual mineral foundation VS foundations that have some minerals in them. <- insert ‘Aha’ moment here.

    It should be noted that even the most purest mineral foundations will always contain some form of unnatural ingredient, it’s just the way it works. To build a foundation you will always need a little something extra such as Bismuth Oxychloride for example.

    Look out for any long list of ingredient especially the ones that sound complicated and have numbers, as you probably won’t know what most of these unnatural ingredients are, ensure your product has no more than 1 or 2 of them.  When comparing this to your traditional foundation, 1 or 2 unnatural ingredients is quite miniscule. Most traditional foundations have something like 20 or more unnatural ingredients in them, some of which are very interesting to say the least, for example cow urine (Yuck!) used as a preservative of course.

    ​When it comes to which is better for your skin for everyday, mineral foundations wins hands down, the trick is to get a good one that provides all the coverage you need and sits on your skin just right. For this reason I choose to wear                     ID Bare Minerals. This mineral foundation only 5 ingredients, with only 1 of them being not so natural:
    Bismuth Oxychloride, MicaIron OxidesZinc OxideTitanium Dioxide.

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    I.D Bare Minderals
    PRO TIP:
    You can definitely get a full coverage with this baby, I recommend using a Kabuki Brush to buff in each layer. Mix with a bit of water or sealant to turn it into a concealer for smaller areas you want to cover up. This foundation is awesome for all skin types, however if you tend to be normal to dry, you will need a great moisturiser underneath as there are no liquids in this product. In saying that, being a liquid free product also means the foundation cannot hold bacteria, meaning its great for people with acne prone skin or people who want to cover up coldsores!

    You can find ID Bare minerals at MECCA or online at Strawberrynet

    ​I.D Bare Minerals has their own Kabuki Brush, however this tends to malt a little too much for my liking, so I recommend you try any other natural hair kabuki brush, there are plenty of great brands out there. I am using one by Napoleon Perdis at the moment.

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    Kabuki Brush
    For more information on other foundations to suit you specific skin category and concern click here.

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