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    How To Save Money On Your Makeup Without Compromising On Your Look

    ​I am about to let you in on a few tips about saving your money without compromising on final makeup look. How? By telling you which products you can afford to buy as a cheapie and which you should invest a little more in. Save Your Money ​Instagram and Youtube are full of influencers recommending […]

    DIY Smokey Eye!

    When it comes to DIY smokey eyes have faith, it can be done. You do not have to leave the house looking like you’ve just stepped out of the circus. I can show you 2 full proof ways on how you can get the seductive and exquisite smokey eyes you have been wanting. Here is […]

    What Foundation Do I Use Everyday?

    The number one question I get asked almost everyday by almost client I have the pleasure of sitting in my makeup chair is ‘What foundation do you use?’ My answer is always…..  It depends on what occassion I am applying makeup for. Sorry for the suspense killer but it’s the honest truth. There is not […]

    My top foundation picks for you!

    If you have an interest in makeup and beauty products then you would have walked into a department store or two and have probably been bombarded with sales girls trying to sell you their latest product with all these amazing new features. For instance new products that house revolutionary foundation technologies, light reflecting pigments for glowing […]

    My Top 10 Bridal Questions For Makeup

    ​With over 15 years experience working as a Bridal Makeup Artist, I thought it would be a great idea to give you 10 most asked questions that my Brides ask me, so here you are. Enjoy! Top 10 Bridal Questions For Makeup 1. Will my makeup last from the beginning to the end of my […]

    How To Get ‘Fauxy’ Freckles

    It’s one of those things, if you are born with them you don’t like them, if you don’t have them then you want them. Personally I find them beautiful. Yes I am talking about freckles. Thanks to massive celebrities like Kate Moss, Olivia Munn, Giselle Bündchen and most recently, the new Duchess of Sussex Meghan […]

    10 of the most beautiful photos that prove the true Power of Makeup

    We see so many picture perfect photos of glamorous celebrities who look completely transformed but have you ever wondered how much difference makeup actually makes? ​It was only a few years ago, but it seems like the trend isn’t going anywhere just yet.  Sick of makeup shammers labelling makeup lovers as shallow and self-centered, YouTube […]

    DIY Maternity Photo Shoot Hair & Makeup

    ​Inspired by my own pregnancy, I am often asked about makeup for maternity photo shoots, so I thought I would put together a quick blog for those mammas who decide to do their own makeup for their shoot. I have also included a small section on how to get those famous maternity Goddess locks!   […]